Funds Raised to date: $37,543.70. and growing!

LoveGives Euchre Tournament Rules:

To determine the first deal of the game, cards will be dealt face-up until a player receives the highest card.

That player then becomes the dealer; from there, the deal rotates clockwise each hand.

It is the dealer’s choice as to the preference of deal style (i.e. one card at a time, or up to three cards dealt at a time). Cutting of the cards is a courtesy if desired or requested.

If everyone passes the turned-up card and then passes again, the dealer will re-deal the cards. Any misdeals are re-dealt.

Players need a natural in his/her hand (i.e. the same suit as the turned-up card) to order it up or, in the case of the dealer, to pick it up.

All hands are played, even if a player has no aces, no face cards and no trump in hand.


Playing trump when you should have followed suit results in the hand ends, loss of bid and the non-offending team is awarded two points.

Renege against a loner: The side which declares the loner will score four points. If the declaring team reneges, the non-offending team is awarded two points.

Once a card is played, it cannot renege simply because it was strategically a poor choice (ex: trumping your partner).

Table talk:

Any remark made during the game designed to give your partner information. If your partner is the dealer and you hesitate (or take too long) in passing.

Rotation of Players:

When a round has been completed, the loosing red-carded team member moves up a table, the white card moves down a table. During the match, the new red cardholder at the new table will start the deal. Always pair up with an opposite coloured card player.

Prizes awarded:

Prizes will be awarded for:

  1. A)  Highest tournament accumulated point(s) total.
  2. B)  Second place highest points in total.
  3. C)  Third Place highest points total.
  4. D)  Most lone hands.

Prizes will consist of gift certificates, merchandise, and swag. Exact amounts and prizing will be announced at the tournament.

Ties are broken by the player who was ahead in the 7th round etc. till the tie is broken.

Governance of the Games:

LoveGives is a non-profit organization of friends wanting to make a positive difference in our community. We are all volunteers that assist charities and non-profit groups to raise funds and awareness for their causes.

Please keep in mind that we are here to “first and foremost” to raise funds and awareness for our charity of choice. Breast Cancer Research. Our intention is to ensure that everyone has a most enjoyable time at our event.

In keeping with that perspective, please be patient and kind to our volunteers and with your fellow participants. Relax, it’s just a game…make some new friends and enjoy an afternoon of fun. : )

Personal Note:

One of the principal reasons Breast Cancer Research was our charity of choice is because of all of our family and friends that have been touched by this disease. In my own family, I have a sister (Linda) that has had breast cancer twice, in the past 10 years.

She has had a double mastectomy and eight reconstructive surgeries.

My very dear friend Lynn has disclosed that she too has breast cancer and many more to many to mention. So for all of those friends and family members that have been touched by this disease, let’s work together to make it history.

Thank you for your support of this event. I look forward to meeting you at our next event.

John Stewart McFarlane



 A big thank you
to all the participants, volunteers and sponsors!
$37,543.70. raised for Breast Cancer Research.

LoveGives is an impassioned response to need in our community. We at LoveGives believe in a mindset of abundance. Our mandate is to tap into the creativity and abundance that lies within all of us and to contribute to groups in our community that support those in need.To that end, we have created our non-profit organization LoveGives. We are committed to assist chosen groups to further their support of disadvantaged individuals or other admiral causes. It is our aim to present opportunity for individuals or organizations to come forward and make a difference with us.We believe that individuals and organizations are willing and able to make a difference. There is a disconnect between those who want to make a contribution and those who need. LoveGives makes that connection and is a catalyst for action.LoveGives is committed to acting as a lightning rod to attract other like minded individuals and organizations that want to contribute to their community. The “LoveGives brand” is a vehicle for community support of existing non-profit and charitable groups.Our intention is to use our network of friends, associates and partnerships to contribute in a very real and tangible way to our community. Love is action and LoveGives is our way of moving forward. We invite you to join us in making a difference. Never underestimate what a few good people can do to change the world for the better.

Enjoy the journey.

John Stewart McFarlane

Founder / CEO LoveGives