About Us

LoveGives is an impassioned response to need in our community. We at LoveGives believe in a mindset of abundance. Our mandate is to tap into the creativity and abundance that lies within all of us and to contribute to groups in our community that support those in need. To that end, we have created our non-profit organization LoveGives. 

We are committed to assist chosen groups to further their support of disadvantaged individuals or other admiral causes. It is our aim to present opportunity for individuals or organizations to come forward and make a difference with us. We believe that individuals and organizations are willing and able to make a difference. There is a disconnect between those who want to make a contribution and those who need. 

LoveGives makes that connection and is a catalyst for action. LoveGives is committed to acting as a lightning rod to attract other like minded individuals and organizations that want to contribute to their community. The “LoveGives brand” is a vehicle for community support of existing non-profit and charitable groups.

Our intention is to use our network of friends, associates and partnerships to contribute in a very real and tangible way to our community.  Love is action and LoveGives is our way of moving forward.  We invite you to join us in making a difference. Never underestimate what a few good people can do to change the world for the better. 

Enjoy the journey.

John Stewart McFarlane Founder/CEO LoveGives